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Terryl Daluz


Change Starts with you!

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Are you a Youth Agency Representative looking for someone to speak at your next training or conference?  Are you an Educational Administrator looking for someone to inspire your team and students?  Are you a Corporation looking for someone to help your team produce better results?  If so, I am your man.


Greetings!  I am Terryl Daluz.  Ironically my last name means, "The Light." I've committed over twenty-five years of my life to spreading "The Light" as an agent of change for people young and old all over the world.  

I've worked on the front line and in management with youth agencies from the East Coast to the West.  I am an entrepreneur with several businesses that I started from the ground up.  I know the importance of being a team player and a team leader.  

My gift is connecting with people, inspiring them to be their best by helping them find that light within so they can let it shine.  Let me, help you, help your team to be the best they can be so they can shine bright! 

My presentations are:

1. "How to ENGAGE, impact and motivate young people without losing your mind."

2.  "Let's rally the troops to get them to tap into their greatness by changing their mindset for better results."

3.  Leadership Development Training:  This fun,

interactive training is geared towards providing the tools needed to become an effective leader while building a strong foundation as a team.


How I Can

Help You

Speaking #1: "How to engage, impact and motivate young people without losing your mind." This presentation is perfect for educators, counselors, social workers, clinicia...
Keynote Speaker
1 hr
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